The world hungry for Poland

We do a lot to contact many travel agencies abroad. It's a great job especially when we meet other people pationate about the same subject. Talking with other people we find out a lot about they knowlegdement about Poland. Usually the interiocutors know that Poland exists. The tragical is when the people talking about Poland say they are surprised in Poland we have cars or tvs. This means Polish goverment and media do nothing to show Poland to the world. So... The Polish live in a quite nice country, having quite nice equipment arround, being quite well educated, travelling quite a lot etc. and they are still a big what. (Fine)The other day I had a conversation with friend of mine living somewhere else: "Jackie, I am surprised as you have two taps (faucets) instead of one". Jackie looked at me and asked: " How many taps you have attached to the sink in Poland?". I replied : "One Jackie". She continued:" So what water you have running from the tap, hot or cold?" . I'd like to explain; In Poland we have one tap to mix hot and cold water if we need it" . So yeah, Poland is nice and friendly. Here live old and young, stupid and clever, beautiful and ugly. It seems the country is normal. This may be funny time while discovering how astonishing Poland is. Everyone agree?

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