Polish Beauties

Poland with its all long and glorious history was left with no too many monuments. Within past tousend years here was plenty of historical ups and downs. Though here lived many intelectually gifted sientists, poets, artisans and sovereigns. The most known in the world must be Frideric Chopin with his pianocraft, Nicolaus Copernicus who established the concept of a heliocentric system, Marie Curie Sklodowska- Nobel Prize in chemistry. This long history brought us to the WW II to leave Poland with the limited monuments to the sons and daughters. Poland took the lesson and rised up quick after the last war so today here is absolutely Western life mode. Therefore you should see Polish Old Towns in Gdansk and Cracow. Othet cities ( Tourism)or towns still have the charming nooks. These days the Old Towns are full of pubs and restaurants attracting tourists with nice smell or cheap pints of beer. If you want though find original cuisine we do our best to take you there.

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