Holiday in Poland-reasons

The blog is for these who already have been to Poland and those who have no idea whether Poland exists or not. It might be surprising that in the world are people who haven't heard about the country. Or if they do, still don't know where it is. Not big but not small, lying between huge Russia and quite large Germany, located amid other European countries. Ex communist but absolutely democratic now. Some of you probably have a vision of the country: gloomy, surrounded with grey, old walls, sad and miserable people? People who run away to other places to find their jobs. How much do you really know about Poland? Do you know that Polish use to adapt to the life needs and styles? With their creativity are able to make an appropriate researche how to servive while many others could be failed. That's why so many have migrated for better, easier life... . Have you known that Polish are as busy as the bees? To survive the Polish learnt to work hard as they believe 'no pain no gain'. Have you known that the Polish are still hospitable and generous? At least have you known that the Polish do not forget their past and a pure nature contribiution? Because of these Poland is quickly developing but keeps the nature alive and unchaged. Why are we writing about these aspects? Because that gives you a chance to meet a pure nature in a middle of Europe. Coming here will change your point of view. Want to recharge your batteries? In Poland you do not need any wires to get better.

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tatry 2drezyny 2016

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