Rope park

Fast Park- We offer wide range in- or outdors. Everyday troubles, stress, sitting in front of our computers making our muscels tense…  and we have a rescue to fight it off. Many people had come and even those who have done it the first time in their lives were leaving  the Fast Park full of happiness.

So we introduce you three level rope park. You choose which you are able to go through. Everyone who climbs up in all levels is securely strapped.

Also fantastic painball ground. If you and your friends want to have a competition it’s a great opportunity to do so.

Another attraction are quads ; in an appointed area you can be a road off master.

Want to have your stag night? Here you may have a great unforgettable time.


Rope Park-

Open day entry- £12/ 15€

Other attractions-

Contact an agent as we must to adjust your expectations and amount of participants however the price will be a nice surprise.