Pain relief

Radio Frequency Thermolesion- With correct identification of the indication, radiofrequency thermolesion is an extremely precise, effective and safe method with many fields of application to combat chronic pain. Since it can be carried out at the outpatient clinic under local anaesthetic, it is not very stressful for the patient.


  • degenerative back pain
  • chronic pain of the axial skeleton
  • non-surgical cervical and lumbar intervertebral disc pain
  • non-surgical nerve root (radicular) compressions
  • Herpes Zoster
  • chronic pain syndromes of the sympathetic nervous system, e.g., sympathetic algodystrophy
  • cervicobrachialgia / cervicocephalgia, e.g., after whiplash or of degenerative origin
  • cluster headaches
  • trigeminal neuralgia
  • chronic tumour pain

Consultation of medical specialist + 4 treatments Salus Talent (on the spine or joint: shoulder, elbow, hip, knee or ankle) + 4 lymph drainage in overalls + 1 ozone treatment       £170/ 242€

(Salus Talent- deep electromagnetic stimulation, stimulates nerve cells, muscles and blood vessels, penetrates 10 cm into the tissue giving the effect of withdrawal of pain and improvement in mobility, often after the first treatment. Lymphatic drainage is used in chronic edema, venous insufficiency, degeneration of joints , trauma care. ozone intravenous drip, affects the detoxification of the body, cure arthritic and degenerative changes, reduces cholesterol, destroys fungi and bacteria, removes dizziness and tinnitus.)