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„Boys Scout” Exciting Adventure

The company "BOY SCOUT" was established on the initiative of a number of people who with great commitment have teamed up their passions and interests. Thanks for them for many years we have good reputation and trust of our customers. The basic form of business is organizing extremely interesting meetings of a sports-entertainment for example.

Especially for you we set up a few interesting proposals:

  • Paintball for a group of 6- 10 people- 340 £ or 411,5 €( every person over it -34 £ or 41,1 €)


With us you will feel true effect of adrenaline. We have 50 sets of the latest markers of Tippmann FT-12, shoot on branded balls STRIKE. With us there are not too small uniforms:) We have rich experience in organizing events. We focus on a high quality and customer satisfaction.

  • Survival for a group of 6-12 people- 622 £ or 753 €



  • Catapult for a group of about 15 people- 283 £ or 342,5 €/ every next person- 11 £ or 13,3 €

Only in the north-eastern Poland attraction the mobile catapult! A huge construction, thanks to which you will feel the taste of adrenaline at a height of up to 15 metres!


- Funny Village

It is lasting about 3 hours


offer city games