Horse riding

Dear customers. Ritowisko is a working farm, having organic certification, combined with the surrounding nature reserves creates a place where you can wonderfully active or not, rest. The price of £18,5/ 21 € /pn in addition to the full board, pony for children, wall alp. zip-line, without transport kayaks, for longer stays: chaise, fireplace. Our horses are very calm and predictable without much experience, you can explore the surrounding primeval forests ductsStandard rooms

  • Accessories
  • internet
  • fireplace
  • kitchen
  • Shower
  • bathroom
  • radio
  • telephone
  • tv
  • Facilities for disabled


Type of property

  • Additional Services
  • Internet access
  • Access to a computer
  • garage


Ability to use your phone

  • Dogs allowed
  • Possibility of washing and ironing
  • Parking
  • Full plumbing
  • Playroom for children
  • Banquet hall
  • Dance hall
  • TV room
  • dining room


Tourist Attractions

  • Volleyball playing field
  • Events
  • horses
  • sleigh
  • Fireplace
  • Playground
  • hunting
  • Trails
  • climbing
  • Sport equipment rental
  • Boat hire
  • monuments



Glas-Lando ecru + four white horses – £486/ 589€ / 3 hours.

Keratella ecru + pair of white horses – £355/ 432€ / 3 hours.

Photo session {carriages, horses, landscapes, interiors) £66,5/ 80,5€

access to the indicated place £0,5/ 0,6€  / km counted from Bialystok

Price list as of June 2014 r .:

VAT invoices.

  1. Person per day (a bed in a room with bathroom and household-day meals, coffee, tea, recreational facilities, horse, pony tours, all with his roping, a long stay fireplace, carriages, dinner grill) £22,5/ 27€

Village Table £10/ 13,5€  /os.( meats, snacks, banquet hall)

Tent £2,3/ 4€ / person. (attractions as in point 1)

Canoe £6,7/ 8€ / day (run-time)

Recreational riding in the forest 1 hour £10/ 13,5€ / person.

Training- riding  horse for 1 hour £9/ 10,5€ / person.

Riding on the lunge £6,7/8€ / 0.5 hrs

Carriage, sleigh £2,3/ 4 €/ person. no less than £10/ 13,5€

Children under one year old board free , up to 7 years -50%

Parties, events - estimate on request



Stanica kresowaAt the end of that village, by the edge of the vast Primeval Forest of Knyszyn, there is an extraordinary valley situated between two sylvan groups. Amidst this valley flows a brook – a magical place, a place one cannot pass by unattracted – "Stanica Kresowa".

We here welcome you to our retreat, which emanates with warmth, tranquility and safety and with that it provides perfect condition to rest after the bustling of the everyday world. Fresh air, uncivilized nature and truly family mood is all, and much more attractions, that we offer for our Guests.

Welcome to Stanica Kresowa.

"Stanica Kresowa" is an agri-touristic horse riding facility. It combines the style of XVIIIth century polish manors, located widely in onetime Republic of Poland, with qualities of modern leisure.

Stanica was inspired by it's very own hosts, but also by their friends who seeked out for a shelter from the rumble and rush of big cities. The countryside surrounding the yard is a great place for long walks when one can get to know and see the most interesting spots in the neibourhood. Furthermore one will find homely, simple and nice character of the place combined with true polish hospitality. Thanks to expert knowledge and overall commitment of hosts, "Stanica Kresowa" is developing resiliently as a touristic facility. Stanica welcomes all horse lovers and those who would like to love them. In this yard we have created attractive lodging place and culinary background.

While spending time here one has an opportunity to learn about impressive fauna and flora of nearby Landscape Park of Primeval Forest of Knyszyn. The situation of our yard with breathtaking scenery allow us to arrange horseback, afoot and bike trips. If needed we provide space for business meetings and cultural events. We can also arrange carriage and britzka rides, sleigh rides and bonfires. We guarantee good fun and memorable moments. We invite you to familiarize with our offer.

Our Riding Offer:

  • learning "how to" on every level of advancement,
  • lessons in groups and individually,
  • riding camps,
  • hacking,
  • horseback rallies,
  • sleigh rides, carriage & britzka rides.

Price: £12,5/ 15€ for 1 hour of lunging or 1 hour of independent riding on the hippodrome.

 Hacking takes place in presence of our trainer via trails facilitated for us by the Forest Inspectorate.

 Price: £12,5/ 15€ for an hour of hacking. We offer you:

  • 6 pokoi dwuosobowych w tym - 2 dwupokojowe rodzinne apartamenty. 
  • bathrooms are included in all rooms and suites.

Bed & Breakfast – £22/ 26,5£ per person
Accommodation & two meals (breakfast and supper) –£26,5/ 31 €
Accommodation & full board – £30/ 37 €
Children under 10 years old – half price.

"During the summer season from 1st of June to 30th of September, in case of purchasing Bed & Breakfast only
for one night, the price is £24/ 28,5€. In case of a longer stay the prices are hitherto as above".

The price for a suite is the same as in "Over the stable" rooms, unless the suite is occupied by less then 3 people, then it costs £58,5 /69€ per person (B&B).

Room for handicapped

We care about Guests who might have trouble with unassisted movement, so that we have prepared one room in the "Sunshine House" especially to meet their needs. The living room and the bathroom are suited for guests in wheelchairs.