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Ouch...Why a great night never ends up with a great morning? Unless... it's an epic hangover!

Ok then, it's time to take a shower and check out who came back to life.

Hey, where's the handle? It wasn't a night so good that someone had to steal the handle... But this isn't my room! I didn't hang any mathematical graphs.and I'm sure I didn't lock my fridge with a padlock. And there was a light bulb in the lamp! Hey, what's going on here?!  Where's the key?! Where's my stuff? Open the door!!!


A morning "after" which sounds familiar. But while minutes past everything is getting weirder and weirder. Strange room, doors locked, a padlock, and it seems that no one can hear your crying for help. It's not a good day to beat your brains out but... it seems you don't have choice.  

Can you escape from the dormitory? 


Bank robbery


A real bank treasure, real adrenalin and a real award. The Bank robbery is a specialy prepared scenario that uses a reversed Escaperoom concept. Escape is not your task. Your task is to disarm safety devices, reach and open the safe. All of that is  embellished with a quite large dose of logical riddles, performance tasks and climate from action movies. Before taking part in this, it's good to make a information research about the task (youtube offers help). It's not so easy to open the safe, but... don't worry. Maybe we will access you a stethoscope.


Psychiatric clinic 

Incredible night, splendid fun… in the morning you wake up in a psychiatric clinic, the time passes quickly, for you the diagnosis can be disastrous.  Prove your soundness of mind!!!

The Texas Massacre

Your friend  has disappeared , your search are taking you to Texas…suddenly, a psychopathic murderer is taking prisoners. He will came back quickly, call for help, before you join the list of people who disappeared mysteriously!!!