offer city gamesDon’t know Bialystok yet? Why should you? City game will give you a great opprotunity to sightsee getting a knowlegde about Bialystok. Every team start from the most famous place the Branicki Palace where they recieve envelopes with an indication how to get to firts check point. Usually there will be an assistant giving you some indication to rich another place. You will be also given a phone numer to make a call when stuck to have more help. You will use a photocodes or meet oddly dressed people. Frequently every team have tasks to do e.g. help a photographer who missed his models. There is about 15 tasks altogether. Lots of fun, intergation, fantastic photos, Game lasts about 2 hours ( can be longer) and at the end you’ll go to a restaurant for meal and summary. Our supporters will show you films and pictures made during game. After all these you won’t say „don’t know Bialystok yet”.