Bialystok City (From 21 GBP or 28 EUR)

Who have heard about our amazing capital city of Podlasie? Not too many people know what how beauty and safe it is. Surrounded by the nature reserves, plenty of the nice people, kept away from today life perils, also quickly economically and technically developing, being proud of our politechnic and universities either, tidy . Every single month rise up new, inetersting atrractions to make coming tourists delighted.


Bialystok has around 300,000 citizens. Within a city border are parks, squers which cover 32% of the area. Restaurants and pubs call for visiting to delight their great food and drinks. There are high standard hotels with vary prices.


Aeroclub Bialostocki, founded 70 years ago, is association of people with aviation passion, practising air sports and recreational flying.

If you dream about an unforgettable adventure, check our offer:

–          Tandem skydiving – feel the magic of free-fall from 4000 meters with 200 kmph speed

Student is connected to a harness attached to a tandem instructor, who takes care about your safety and  provides an unforgettable emotions. Especially dedicated to people loving adrenaline. (199 Euros)

–          Demo training flight (glider) – if flying were the language of man, gliding would be its poetry.

An exciting soaring adventure, better than ever imagined; peaceful, beautiful and spectacular scenic. During flight you will have a chance to understand a principles of aerodynamics and feel up to 4 G forces. (59 Euros)

–          Demo training flight (plane) – feel like a pilot. Fly anywhere you want (within the law), feel freedom, admire beautiful views and get to know secrets of pilotage.  (59 Euros)

–          Skydiving trainigs:

Traditional training (Static Line) is a course, in which the student performs 3 jumps with automatic opening parachute from a height of 1200 – 1500m. Parachute is automatically opened shortly after leaving a plane. (259 Euros)

Accelerated Free Fall training (AFF) –  the learning process takes a relatively shorter time than in the traditional method. AFF course is dedicated to people who want to quickly achieve a high level of training and think seriously about further jumping. (1159 Euros)

–          Became a pilot –  training for licence SPL/PPL(A). Glider licence (SPL) requires 60 hours of ground schools and at least 15 hours of flights. (1999 Euros) Private Pilot Licence of Airplanes PPL(A) requires 100 hours of ground schools and 45 hours of flights. Ground schools: e-learning lectures, weekend lectures or evening lectures Flights with instructor in individual time. (6899 Euros)


Have your own airplane?

Our aerodrome has grass runway length 860 meters and 50 meters width, directed 09/27. Elevation 509 ft, Radio callsign: Bialystok radio on 118.450 MHz. Avgas 100LL available. Check AIP and NOTAMs (15 Euros for landing)

Places in Bialystok City (From 21 GBP or 28 EUR)

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