Bialowieza Land (From 19 GBP or 23 EUR)

Today, Białowieża Forest is a forest complex covering the area of 150 000 ha located on the both sides of the Polish-Belorussian border. Western part, situated in Poland, covers the area of 62 500 ha; eastern part, situated in Belarus, covers the area of 87 500 ha – and constitutes "Bieławieżskaja Puszcza" National Park.

Luckily, the Białowieża Forest was protected as a royal hunting ground, and in 19th century as a hunting ground of Tsar, and due to that fact was under special protection – e.g. it was not subject to so called “colonization”, meaning tree cutting and change of the forest areas into agricultural and settlement areas.

Due to the aforementioned fact, from the beginning of the 20th century forests of a natural origin were preserved, and in the forests the greatest European animal was saved – European bison.


Places in Bialowieza Land (From 19 GBP or 23 EUR)

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